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Small Systems Engineering has a long and glorious history. Jeremy Gugenheim has been a part of a fair bit of it, but by no means all.

Originally working out of a converted garage in north London, SSE eventually became National Telephone Systems and was one of the first companies to move to Docklands. After being sold and consumed, the name Small Systems Engineering became available again and was rescued by Jeremy. The original Small Systems created printer controllers and a number of interfaces and devices for the Commodore PET, including the Softbox, and CP/M cards for the IBM, Sirius 1/Victor 9000 and Apricot PCs. One of the first hard disk interfaces for the Mac was also produced.

All services offered today are based around significant experience - over twenty five years programming, eight years of book layout, eighteen years of web design. Outhouse film represents the most recent addition and provides an affordable means of capturing live musical performance in a fashion normally associated with large expensive teams.

Jeremy Gugenheim has undertaken work for The International Stock Exchange in London, for Citibank in London and Sydney, for British Telecom at the Martlesham labs and in the US, for Ernst & Young in London and Solid State Organ Systems in Suffolk - among many, many other UK companies.

Jeremy invented the HotFoot MIDI controller - possibly the first of its kind, created the MM Productions Relay Controller that won Product of the Year at the ABTT show in 1994 and the keyboard controller for the Sydney Opera House grand organ millennium refit.