This is a Blong

I’ve had a few comments from chums that this is very long for a blog. Well, it is long – but what precisely is a blog? As I understand it, a blog is a stream of consciousness that does not have to undergo the test of a publisher, only the reader. It has no recognised “correct” length. However, I do accept that people can get bored, and if you do while reading this I apologise. Perhaps I should call this a “BLong” to indicate it is a Blog that’s Long? Or perhaps not… Whatever, please let me know what you think. I am very happy for this to be a living organic text that evolves and – hopefully – improves.

I also want to point out that I may refer to individuals as “he”, “him”, “her”, she”, whatever. I have no preference, mission or prejudice. If anyone is counting to see which I use more often then I suggest that they are the one with the hang ups.

Real chapters are on their way.

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