Making selecting easier in layout software (V2)

Back in October 2010 I posted about a 3D editing feature that I thought would make it easier to manipulate complex layered structures such as web pages. Today I have been playing with Firefox 11.0 and, there in the view displayed by Tools->Web developer->Inspect is a button at the bottom left titled “3D”. You can spin and zoom the result, and select structures below the top, visible, layer. Brilliant for debugging or looking at how a competitor has built their page. If you then click the buttons titled “HTML” and “Style” two windows open below and to the right, which follow your selections in the 3D view. Outstanding.

OK, Firefox is not the platform of choice for creating web sites(!), but this is a fantastic tool and a really useful feature. I expect to be using it a lot.

Well done Mozilla, oh dear Adobe – where are you? This should be a “must have” feature, particularly for fully manual layout software like Dreamweaver.

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