Size is an accessibility issue.

UX right?

A slightly left-field post, this one. I’m leaving computers behind. Because they only form a small part of our experience as users. Most of our lives are spent not using them, but (apart from when we’re asleep) using something. So, today, I’d like to talk about shampoo.

There are few times when those of us who wear glasses for farsightedness can successfully take them off. One example would be, once again, in bed – there’s not much I need to look at, and I think I can probably find my wife without resorting to night vision goggles – and another time would be the shower. Except, unbelievably, that this isn’t true. I need to wear my glasses in the shower due to the bonkers thoughtlessness of the collective marketing departments of the shampoo industry. So important is it to them that they cover the bottles of their various lotions and unguents with descriptions of the exotic fruit and vegetables that they have included that there is never room to write the word “shampoo” in anything but eight point text. I haven’t a hope in hell of divining which of the two hundred bottles apparently required by my daughters contain shampoo rather than conditioner or drain unblocker – without my glasses on.

As an aside, God must have been having quite a laugh when he seeded the human race in Africa’s savannahs, and the flora required to wash their hair in South America’s rain forests. Perhaps there is a 2001 parallel here – in the same way that Arthur C Clarke planted a monolith on the moon so the extraterrestrial intelligence that put it there could know when man had advanced sufficiently to unearth (unmoon?) it. Obviously Erik von Daniken’s extraterrestrials planted all this stuff in the Amazon basin while sketching out their Nazca line drawings and have spent the last 100 thousand years expectantly watching our drains – waiting for the moment that jojoba extract (not made from concentrate) appeared there. They now know we have reached some keenly advanced point in our personal grooming regimes, indicating we have reached the requisite level of intelligence for, for precisely what I wonder?

Whatever: surely even the most stupid marketing exec and overworked artist would have realised by now that we mortals can’t read their labels, when we haven’t got our glasses on, when we’re in the shower? WRITE IT LARGE, PLEASE.

Anyone would think Adobe was in the soap business.

Rant over.

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  1. Pedro says:
    Or, just keep your own bottle somewhere else.

  2. sse says:

    Love the link PedroW, you cannot miss a single product!

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