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Cookie Policy

We don't use cookies. Sorry. Except two, to hold the cookie preference you choose. They contain NOTHING except your preference.

Here is some government information on EU cookie law.

Anyway, as we said above, we don't use cookies so it may seem pointless putting the option up, but since it is a feature we would put on your website if we were allowed to create one for you, we thought we‘d show you how we‘d do it. Note that disabling JavaScript in your browser will affect the way this page works and you will not be offered any Cookie Acceptance Options!

Privacy Policy

We do collect stats giving us information on who visits which page and what people download. We have never and will never ever ever use that information in any way except to tune our site. That data will never be sold, lent, rented, shown, anything at all, in any form, to anyone outside this company (unless we are forced to do so by e.g. court order) unless you specifically ask us to do so.

The only time that we will contact you is after you have contacted us and asked us to contact you back.